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I got my newer OS I know that OS I was hoping that a web download might come with a newer version of Mail. Whatever version of Mail is included with the OS X I do not believe any version of Mail is available as a standalone download. Even if it were, versions later than the one included in the Combo update are not likely to work. Feb 26, 2: Many of Apple's apps that came with OS You might want to try some newer, free alternatives. For Mail substitute, try Thunderbird download at http: Feb 27, 8: I'll tell you all the reason I want to download another version of OS I set up my apple Mail by following the set-up assistant, but every time I try to do something anything!

I get endlessly repeated requests for my password, making Mail un-useable.

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Furthermore, I think I have the wrong port numbers and 25 so even if I settled the password matter, I probably couldn't send or receive anyway. I saw online that later versions of Mail offer suggestiuons for other "port numbers" in case yours do not work; 25, , Been there. Done that. They don't work either.

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A different version of Apple Mail, or even a different third-party mail program will not make anything any better. Apple Mail asks for your password again because it cannot successfully connect to your mail Sender or Receiver -- and does not Directly tell you which. Your ISP should be providing help with this, but I admit they are generally not very helpful. What is your email domain name - just the part after the - in other words: What is after the symbol? Grant Bennet-Adler is completely correct. You won't solve this with a new computer.

I have about fifteen email addresses and OS X Apparently Mail's Setup Assistant did not configure some obscure setting, and it is not surprising that you might have to manually configure the account. If one of us recognizes the domain name we might be able to walk you through the settings, but if not you will need your email service provider to supply them to you.

Feb 27, 9: I was using Entourage for 2 or 3 years, but it suddenly stopped sending. Spent a fruitless day trying to fix it, then tried calling Verizon support; no help at all.

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  • Mac Update. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. Sign in with Facebook or. Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. Tenfourbird Harness the power of Thunderbird Follow This App Developer website: Tenfourbird Development Team.

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    Top community discussions about Tenfourbird Is there a better alternative to Tenfourbird? See discussion Is Tenfourbird really the best app in Email category? See discussion Will Tenfourbird work good on macOS See discussion.

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    Tenfourbird comes in different tuned versions for specific PowerPC processor families: Version Updates Update codebase to TenFourFox Requirements for Tenfourbird OS X Related Links. There is a bounty of handy features that haven't gotten a lot of press. So, let's also talk about the most basic habit of all — the art of writing better emails. With the help of some cool tools. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published.

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    I would also like to suggest Hiri www. I really like Spark but for the love of god I wish they would go ahead and release a mac version already!!! Their iPhone and iPad version is good but I'm struggling to find an email client for the mac until further notice Jessica, I hope you may have found out that there is now a Mac version for Spark. It only supports IMAP though.

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    • I might be wrong about this but CloudMagic keeps your user credentials in the cloud on their servers. I agree. It seems to be more and more unstable. I had really high hopes for AirMail, but I'm out! Airmail works perfectly fine. Still the best OSX email client. I wonder what issues you had with it. Thunderbird ain't bad but its getting old. Anyone know which other client supports multiple identities besides Postbox that is?


      For those using gmail with one of these native apps, what are you finding that missing compared to the gmail website client? I've tried various real clients over the years but gmails's search is awesome as is and haven't really found something lacking from the web client. Have you tried http: Its a wrapper but pretty good if you're running OSX. Airmail is absolutely the best OS X mail client out there.

      I am also beta testing Airmail's iOS app and that is going to beat the pants off everything else. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article?