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That's great, except that it's obviously wrong. Why is it wrong? It's because Photoshop is wrongly assuming that my computer monitor's screen resolution is 72 pixels per inch:. How do we fix that? We find out what our computer display's actual screen resolution is and then we give that information to Photoshop. First, we need to find our screen resolution using a simple test.

If you've already done this step from the previous tutorial and you have the information handy, you can skip this part and move on to the next step.

Sizing Printed Images - Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7

To find your display's screen resolution, grab a ruler or tape measure a tape measure is probably easier. Then, measure the screen's width, in inches, from left to right. Don't include any of the border area around the screen. Measure only the screen itself.

If you need to, round the measurement off to a single decimal place. In my case, my screen's width is Next, make sure your computer monitor is running at its native display resolution , which gives you the actual number of pixels in your display from left to right and top to bottom. For example, a screen with a native display resolution of x has pixels from left to right and from top to bottom.

The monitor I'm using runs at x Whatever your monitor's native display resolution is, make sure it's what you have it set to in your operating system's display options. Then, simply take the first number in your monitor's native display resolution, which gives you the screen width in pixels, and divide it by your measured screen width in inches. This will give you the actual screen resolution in pixels per inch. For example, I'll take the first number in my display resolution, , and divide it by my measured screen width in inches, which was So, using this easy test, I've quickly figured out that my display's screen resolution is pixels per inch , not 72 pixels per inch like Photoshop had assumed.

Again, your screen resolution may be different, but it will certainly be higher than 72 ppi. Now that we have our actual screen resolution, we need to enter it into Photoshop and we do that in the Preferences. The Screen Resolution option directly below the Print Resolution option that we don't need to worry about is set by default to 72 pixels per inch, which is why the Print Size view mode isn't working properly:.

To fix the problem, simply replace the 72 with your correct screen resolution. In my case, it's The base output size of an image is determined by the document size settings in the Image Size dialog box. Scaling an image in the Print dialog box changes the size and resolution of the printed image only.

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In the Print dialog box, the Print Resolution field at the bottom of the Position And Size section shows the print resolution at the current scaling setting. Many third-party printer drivers provide a scaling option in the Print Settings dialog box. This scaling affects everything on the page, including the size of all page marks, such as crop marks and captions, whereas the scaling percentage provided by the Print command affects only the size of the printed image and not the size of page marks.

To avoid inaccurate scaling, specify scaling using the Print dialog box rather than the Print Settings dialog box; do not enter a scaling percentage in both dialog boxes.

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Then do one of the following:. If you get a warning that your image is larger than the printable area of the paper, click Cancel. If an image includes vector graphics, such as shapes and type, Photoshop can send the vector data to a PostScript printer. When you choose to include vector data, Photoshop sends the printer a separate image for each type layer and each vector shape layer. These additional images are printed on top of the base image, and clipped using their vector outline. Some blending modes and layer effects require rasterized vector data.

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Print from Photoshop Search. Photoshop User Guide. Select an article: On this page Printing basics About desktop printing Print images Position and scale images Print part of an image Print vector data. Applies to: Photoshop CC. Printing basics. Types of printing. Types of images. Color separation. Quality of detail.

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About desktop printing. Keep these considerations in mind when working with an image you intend to print: Print images.

Printing on Mac OS X Lion and later

Photoshop provides the following printing commands in the File menu: In the Page wide by box, enter 1 for one-page wide. In the Tall box, enter 0 so that the number of pages tall is unspecified. Excel ignores manual page breaks when you use the Fit To option.

In the Pages wide by and Tall boxes, enter the number of pages on which you want to print the sheet. Excel ignores manual page breaks when you use the Fit to option. On the Page tab, select the Adjust to check box, and select the percentage to reduce or enlarge the sheet. In the page s wide box, enter 1 for one-page wide.

In the page s tall box, enter 0 so that the number of pages tall is unspecified. On the Layout tab, under Print , select the Fit To check box. In the page s wide and page s tall boxes, enter the number of pages on which you want to print the sheet.