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Use a variety of criteria , e. Spammers encode and obfuscate their messages and use phishing tactics, but SpamSieve can decode the messages to discern their true nature. SpamSieve looks inside attached images and documents to detect spammy content even when the message itself is virtually empty. SpamSieve keeps track of how accurate it is, how many good and spam messages you receive, and how these numbers change over time.

SpamSieve preserves your privacy.

Prevent macOS Mail From Spam Filtering Emails of Known Senders

It does not need access to your mail account login and does not transmit your mail data anywhere. All the processing is done on your Mac.

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The log lets you see everything that SpamSieve did, and why, so that you can tweak the settings if necessary. There are lots of optional AppleScripts for deeper customization and integration with mail clients and services.

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Use something like Block user example. Click or tap Apply if you want Mail to delete existing messages from the sender s that you just blocked.

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If you don't pick this option, then the rule will only apply to new messages and not existing ones. If you already have a message from the sender you want to block, open the email and then start at Step 1 above to avoid having to type the address.

To block a whole domain and not just a single email address from that domain, enter the domain only. For example, instead of blocking user example.

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  7. Another filter rule in Mac Mail lets you block senders by other conditions, too, like messages where the "From: This approach is useful if you often get emails from different senders that have the same text in the "From: Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since Updated September 24, You must set up a message rule in Mail to auto-delete all messages from a particular sender, which essentially blocks them from reaching your Inbox: