Externe festplatte formatieren mac os 10.5

Besitzer von Macs aus den Jahren und lesen bitte diesen Artikel. OS X wird dabei aus dem Internet geladen. Damit bremst die Internetleitung nicht und Installation startet direkt. Vermutlich braucht ihr erstmal einen Adapter, so wie diese hier. Allen, die jetzt etwas Respekt bekommen den Rechner aufzuschrauben sei gesagt: Oben links das optische Laufwerk, rechts das Mainboard, unten links die Festplatte und daneben der Akku.

Erster Schritt: Er muss vorsichtig nach oben herausgezogen werden. Wenn das geschehen ist, kann die eigentliche Arbeit beginnen. Dieser Part ist der einfachste von allen. Die Module werden rechts und links von kleinen Klammern gehalten. Das darunterliegende ebenso. Der Einbau des neuen Speichers geschieht dementsprechend in umgekehrter Reihenfolge: Wie ihr sehen werdet haben die Module eine kleine Kerbe, d. Macht das langsam, das Festplattenkabel ist noch angeschlossen. Einfach abziehen. Die alte Festplatte ist jetzt frei. Schraubt diese von der Platte ab und an die neue SSD dran. Dann baut Ihr diese ein: Wenn es sitzt die SSD flach einlegen und mit der Kunststoffhalterung wieder fixieren.

Hier ein Video, der den Umbau zeigt. Dort sollte jetzt die neue SSD gelistet sein und es wird angezeigt, dass sie noch nicht initialisiert ist. This helps finding the culprit!

Volume ohne Löschen der vorhandenen Daten zu einem Gerät hinzufügen

I am an Admin. I even logged in as root and tried from there but still wont work. What version did you tey? Let me know if that works. I have become complacent on the terminal where the Pi-baker is so easy to use! Yes you can use dd images! I also had issues with the password entry in version 1. Interestingly, when I clicked cancel the program started. I could not restore an image without the password, but the program was running.

Admin password remain required, no matter what method or version will be used, since the entire SD card will be accessed. Unfortunately this cannot be avoided with the security measurements in MacOS X. Glad to hear that 1. I login to my computer every time I turn it on but it will not accept my login. Says some thing about Sudo. I checked under accounts in system preferences and I am the only person listed. I feel stupid but just thought I should post this in case there are some other stupid people out there. I am using Yosemite from a fresh install.

I tried to restore from a gzip image and it hung like others had reported. I tried all sorts of things and finally gave up so I decided to take out the SD card adapter and put it in my Linux box to burn the image. Amazing what happens when you can actually write to the card!!!!! So not saying all of you who were having problems are stupid like me but you may just want to check the write protect switch on your micro SD card adapter if you are using one.

Well, we all, myself included, make little goof ups like that … thanks for reporting though! Ich empfehle euch Raspbian Download-Seite. Hier ist eine englische Anleitung: Some user reported similar issues. Download v1. Unfortunately that version does not support compression. I can now get rid of my windows laptop which I only retain in order to use win32diskimager and cloning sd cards. Great to hear that the app works well for you as well! Feedback like this is always appreciated and a good motivator to keep developing little apps like this. I would like to make a paypal donation for your efforts, but cannot find a working link, If you have one could you post it?

That is very much appreciated, but not required. You can donate through hans at luijten dot net. Unfortunately, PayPal forced me to remove the PayPal donation link …. Thank you very much Rhen for the great feedback! Thank you for this great tool! DD works, but it so nice to have the progress bars and to have all the tedious syntax eliminated. Thanks Kent! A positive feedback and thank you is always very much appreciated!

Wonderful software, thanks! No Paypal account for donations? Donation is much appreciated, but not required. Hello Thank you the newer version gave me password restriction although I m Admin. It will ask your password and show a directory listing. You can turn this feature off on an app by app basis in the Preferences. I left it for awhile but nothing changed so I tried it again and this is what it puts in the console in case thats of any help! PiBaker []: Received request to reset fmod watch. Latest received id is Normal Volume: Spotlight-V SpotVerLoc: Now I need to remove some files from my Mac so I can create an image of the 16Gb card: I hope to find time to create a smarter way of making IMG files … so it will only store the relevant data.

But it will require time to do some testing and research … not to mention that I have to find a good way to handle elevate rights since some folks report issues with v1. As for the log file, after looking at it for a while, I can only see that there appears to be a alignment error disk1 — now from what I understand this does not need to be related to disk as such, but could also be a partition or file issue.

Not sure which. Or is it the SD-card? Cuando termine este proceso, ya podemos meter la micro SD en nuestra Raspberry […]. Also having the same issue with v1. What is the error message you get and what steps did you follow to get to this error so I can try to reproduce the problem? I do not get an error message, there is a pop up that shows momentarily on the screen then the whole application closes down. I basically click on my SD card on the left and select the Create Backup button and then click the ok button on the screen that mentions zip files and image sizes, after that the app closes down with a momentary pop window just before.

Obviously hard to trace as well. And you might not have access to another Mac to give it a try. Glad to help — I hate it when a useful program fails …. Enjoy your travels and thank you again for taking the time to respond. My version of OS X is Since you see the same problem with 1. This guide might give you a good start: Just a heads up to say that the link you gave me was very useful and I made an image using the command on there.

Some users seem to have problems with 1. At least you were able to flash an SD card …. Make your SD-card bootable and copy the image file. Thanks for this App. Great idea. I have trying to create the image to my micro sd card but it does not seem like it is progressing at all. I am going to let it roll for a few hours to see if perhaps it was doing something and I was just being impatient.

Forgive my ignorance, I have a g micro sd card. From what I understand, Fat32 only supports up to 32G card. You have to expand the card after you get it installed. This however is not a FAT32 limitation. According to a post at superuser. Most filesystems are limited in their size. You need to pick a filesystem that is capable of using the entire size of the SD card.

Which one you chose is also dependent on the environment you will be using it in. Some common choices for high capacity filesystems include:. Downloaded Raspbian, used your program to create the image on the micro sd card. I got it home and it does want to boot at all. I have a 16G micro SD card that works. I had bought a larger G to put ROMs on. Tempted to just buy a thumb drive and put the rooms on there and call it a day. You must have a lot of ROMS! Can I ask again for the exact make and model of gig micro SD card you bought? Good article with good info and a Mac App at the bottom of the page … http: And a way too long article for Mac users as well, which even involves compiling yourself: Hi, thanks for writing this app, it is very useful: Thanks Neil for leaving a positive feedback!

I like your suggestion and will add it in the next version! Bei der Migration ist dieses Tool hilfreich: Thanks William! Looks like a great program but it will not work for me. I get stuck at the password. You could try v1. Any idea how this may have happend? Thank you very much! Also thank you for taking the effort to leave a nice feedback! Trust me I wasted a lot of time.

Maybe John could add a warning to tell you the SD card is locked. Good idea — let me see if I can implement that Read Only state , I actually ran into that problem the other day as well — which initially confused me as well. Thanks Adam! Hans, I could create an introduction type video for Apple Pi baker. Something that would display the features and capabilities of apple pi baker. Its ok if you say no, my feelings wont be hurt. Just an idea. If its a yes I can just give you the youtube link and full acces to display it on a website. Nice to see such enthusiasm, I love it …. As for the icon: I very much appreciate your efforts though — the icon looks really good!

As for the instruction video: Please be my guest to make one! I hope to find time in the near future to revamp ApplePi-Baker and add more functionality. Im not dissappointed about the icon. Im to exited to make the video! Thanks for giving me a chance! This is the best rasoberry pi program ever! Second, when are you planning on getting that update out. Im in no rush, and i dont want to rush you,but I want to make the video up-to-date with the new icon made by the other user. And the new features that might be in the update. So I dont have to make it two times in a short time.

If its possible could you give me the new icon. Just somthing to consider. I want to make the best video possible. One thing though: So, have you emailed that file already, or are still planing to get that out. Sending you an email now! Also maybe as part of the new update you could add this icns file I made. This file will look better with the new Yosemite look. Again, just an idea.

If you have errors downloading just reply to this. I select the SD card, pick the image… and nothing. What might I be doing wrong mate? No problem, happens to the best of us! Check the side of the SD card. See below:. And see also the images on Wikipedia here. This will result in an IMG file which at a later time can be used to restore the image to an SD card of the same size or bigger.

Is that what you were looking for?

Festplatte formatieren MAC

This is something which catches a lot of people out. Andrew is right … data is scattered all over the card, no guarantee that things are nicely lined up …. No, unfortunately, ApplePi-Baker is not catching that. This becomes specially tricky when using compressed IMG files. With version 1. Again, lack of Ext support makes this very tricky and it will probably go a little beyond my expertise. Maybe when creating a compressed IMG backup of an SD card, you could store its uncompressed size as an extended attribute on the file?

That was my interpretation any way more details. The first one being free, the second one being commercial but maybe more mature. Not to mention the different? But … it could be an interesting start. I just ran in to the issue of a non-writeable card, it was not the lock switch but another weird issue. After reading this post on the forum i did a manual format to check if there was a write problem. It worked ok and after that, pi-baker worked great.

You could just have it as a separate process or a pre-processing check? Anyway, just my two cents. Awesome program btw.. Thank you for all your hard work. I will however try to make a new version of Pi-Baker that does a read-only check — I might have found a way to do that, just need the time to implement it.

How do I install a drive on Mac OS X?

Could you please set the password visibility to be off by default! Having clear text password fields is a big no-no. Any instance where my password can be visible fills me with instant district for the software. Thanks for everything else; works great and is nice and quick. For those that have a specific preference and would not want to toggle the checkbox each time they work with it. De plus, il permettra de prendre de prendre des […]. Just wanted to say thank you for a great application! It worked perfectly for what I needed.

How to format a drive in Mac OS 10.6 to 10.10

You might consider adding that to your website. I will use your Amazon link on my next order. Thank you so much for leaving a nice comment! But … donations are optional and I very much appreciate the shopping gesture! Thanks you very much …! You will see a. I tried to use version 1. See also this comment. Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope it resolves your issue.

Partitioning actually needs this as well. But progress should definitely be noticeable after a second or Thanks Bill. I always appreciate it when users take the time to leave a nice feedback! Great tool! Thanks for sharing it! Thanks Ernie for the compliment and the tip!

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I have been using this for quite some time now and I never came across any problems until I installed El Capitan. Anybody else having this issue? This way I can see if there is something that has changed. I have yet to setup a virtual machine to test El Capitan — unless you can tell me that you have had zero problems with El Capitan. I only noticed one problem so far with El Capitan Beta 4 and that is plug-in failure with uploading photos. Would you mind giving v1. It would be greatly appreciated. Nice work! And I think it should be called SIC. I have installed El Capitan, but have to admit that I have ran into a lot of unexpected problems even running it properly.

Last night I installed the latest beta forgot whether it was beta 3 or 4. I will give it a try today! As an example: Not even with sudo. This appears to be an issue seen all over the web. Well, finally managed to get a new release available which runs under El Capitan So I now included a more rugged code, with exceptions for This should be fixed now ….

Other El Capitan users could maybe give 1. It played audio […]. Hi, thanks for the great tool. I rebooted my Mac and also deleted and re-installed several times. I should give you some messages. Maybe there is a hint there to what might have gone wrong. If all goes well, it should output the same as. Looks like sudo works as it should — which is good! It just disappears and the rolling colorful Apple ball comes up. I could pase the Apple crash report if that helps. For some reason it gets in a loop — I will look at the code and see what the issue might be. For Windows you can use WinDiskImager.

Tried version 1. Oh … I do not have the means to test with Snow Leopard. The arrival of El Capitan caused quite a few extra headaches, and Snow Leopard is a little old, so I never even considered sorry! I better make sure to not remove the old version from the downloads. Is that what you mean? Good catch Andrew! Please feel free to provide feedback …. What message do you get when it crashes?

Do you have any AntiVirus software or something like that installed? I also took the opportunity to introduce the new icon, created by Kray Mitchell. Any speed improvements would not be related to any changes in 1. Hi Calum and Roland, could you give v1. The program will automatically detect the SD card, unmount it and load an image file of your […].

I was gifted a Pi kit that already had the OS on it. I want to add to the SD card by putting RetroPie on as well. However, after reading the instructions here, the options seem to wipe the card then put the image on, which would remove the OS. Is there a way I can add to it but not replace it? Most systems can do a so called dual-boot, but I have to admit that I have never tried that on a Raspberry Pi. As an alternative you could try to install everything for Retro-Pi on an existing system — but that will take a lot of work, and again I have to admit that I have never done or considered doing that.

Would you recommend any peripherals? Well, adding an extra SD slot is not easy. I have not yet done this myself, and people claim it makes the Pi run faster than running of an SD card. Some links: The app hangs after input the sudo password. I have the logs in case the developer wants to see it.

Thanks Victor! Unfortunately it runs fine under my El Capitan, so that might become a challenge. It remains in the dock, but nothing else happens and my only option is to Force Quit. I will look at it today to see if I can find what might the problem. Yeah — v1. Would that be fine to use? Or are the 1. Yes 1. After 1. I will do some more testing under Yosemite though — would be nice if the compression trick would work as well of course.

OK great — thanks for your hard work on this — makes it possible to get my Pi setup like I want: Cool — keep an eye on this page, as I will try to solve the issues with the newer version. For some reason it works fine here, and I cannot reproduce the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience …. With the older version it works perfectly! Really wished I could have still used the original 1. I have made a small modification to this test version of v1.

Feel free to download it from this link. Did anyone with the password problem, test this test version yet? Back to the drawing board I guess … crap. Would you mind keeping an eye on these comments, for when I post a new version? I will try to get one available today or at the least tomorrow. I just emailed you a new version v1. Please let me know if this one works properly. I think I found a way to reproduce the problem.

How do I install a drive on Mac OS X? | LaCie Support ASEAN

Awesome — thanks Slash, I very much appreciate that. Trying to use 1. Enter my admin password for sudo and just get an endless spinning ball until I force quit. For those interested, here is a new test version … I just gave it an arbitrary beta name: Tested on MacOS X Additionally, I fixed the issue with being able to make a backup of a read-only drive — in the 1. Please test and send feedback if you can … it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to Slash for the very quick support in testing this version.

ApplePi-Baker does not pay attention to partition at all. OSX First card was Class-2 device. Tried it with Class card and Abort button appeared and it started writing the data. This used to happen for example when the card was Read-Only, but in 1. Thanks for posting your findings … Could the class-2 card be corrupt? When I enter that at says the either the password is incorrect not the case or I do not have sudo rights also incorrect. Then I have to click on the provided sudo Window and it accepted my password….

Interesting find … I have not been able to reproduce the problem. Create a partition for each OS and find some kind of bootmanager to choose fro which OS to boot. I try to restore an image on my SD card, but when I want to select the image file, I have the rainbow wheel and I am forced to force quit the Apple Pi-Baker.

I finally get through it… I put all files on my Desktop in a subfolder and bye bye the rainbow wheel…. Thank you very much for bringing it to my attention! Which version are you using at this moment?

If the spinning beachball appears, it means that your Mac is busy doing something like in this case: I am using the latest, 1. Is that possible? Do you have any applications running that might access the SD card? For example Anti Virus or a clean-up application to remove MacOS X hidden files from network shares and external drives?

Theoretically, you can size down the 16Gb image holding only 2Gb of actual data to 8Gb. It takes a lot of trickery, for example found here. Oh nice, wish I had a iMac 5K …. Known issue or am I going mad? Nothing big here, just increased the delay for verifying the Sudo password. Thanks BootZ for testing! Having updated to El Capitan I now find that v1. I get a User path does not exist error message. Thanks Bromerzz! I hope to release 1. But to no avail… so I skipped to the non-sudo version.

Using an USB-card reader. If you decide to give it a try, please report if the Sudo password issue got resolved, as I have no way to reproduce the actual problem. The password problem was the biggest issue! Thanks again, that was indeed very helpful.

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It should address the backup issue which was a booboo on my end — sorry. Please let me know if this one works correctly. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! What version did you try that failed? Same issue here… SD cards do not appear in the app. I am also having this issue on 1.

Both drives I put in show up on my Mac I am also have the issue with v1. MBP with Yosemite Here is the system info for the reader:. Total Size: For what its worth 1. Great to hear that and thank for the feedback! I noticed that other report issues except for one with older OS X versions, so maybe there is an issue to be found there.

Back to some virtual machines and test … so far Yosemite and El Capitan it works great here as well …. A bug in the SD card detection has been resolved in this version. Additional bonus: It allows you to setup your SD card without using the […]. Thank you for an excellent application. What function did you use? External devices appear under the External section in the sidebar. When you select a volume that already has data on it, the pie chart shows a shaded area representing the amount of data on the volume and an unshaded area representing the amount of free space available for another volume.

Disk Utility also reports whether the volume can be removed or resized. If you see a small volume with an asterisk, the partition is smaller than can be represented at the correct scale in the chart. Click the Add button. Disk Utility splits the volume into two, leaving the data in one volume, and creating a new, empty volume. If the existing volume is less than half-full, Disk Utility creates two volume of equal size.

Otherwise, it creates one volume large enough for the existing data, and another volume with the remaining space. Depending on the space available, you can create multiple volumes by selecting the new partition, then clicking the Add button.

SSDs für MacBook Pro Ende 2008 bis Mitte 2012 NICHT Retina

Mac OS Extended Journaled: Uses the Mac format, requires a password, and encrypts the partition. Uses the Mac format and is case sensitive to file and folder names. Uses the Mac format, is case sensitive to folder names, requires a password, and encrypts the volume. After you partition a storage device, an icon for each volume appears in both the Disk Utility sidebar and the Finder sidebar.

If you have multiple volumes on a device and one of them is running out of space, you may be able to enlarge it without losing any of the files on it.