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Read More. You should absolutely back up your data before you install any of these. Make sure you have a recovery partition to reinstall Mac OS X in case you want to go back.

8 Alternative Operating Systems For Your Mac (That Actually Work)

Surprisingly, the best alternative operating system on Macs is the one Apple fans love to hate: Windows 10 works remarkably well with all existing Apple hardware. Let us show you how.

Read More , helpfully listing the benefits and drawbacks of each method. OS X comes bundled with the Boot Camp assistant, which is the cheapest and easiest method to get you up and running. Why would you want to run Linux on a MacBook, you ask? Well, there are plenty of reasons! Here are the best best Linux operating systems to consider.

Read More out there, and it requires the least amount of setting up on a Mac. Most of the drivers are preinstalled, and there will only be a few things you need to specifically seek out. We'll help you get a better experience on your HiDPI display. Perhaps most importantly, Ubuntu is great at recognizing third-party apps and devices. A Beginner's Guide Ubuntu: A Beginner's Guide Curious about Ubuntu, but not sure where to start?

Everything you could possibly need to get started with the latest version of Ubuntu is right here, written in easy-to-understand, plain English. But more or less, you can start using Mint without facing issues with your speakers, Wi-Fi or while connecting to a plug-and-play printer.

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Hello, Linux! Here's what convinced me that eOS Luna is a better bet than Windows 7. Read More , using it as their primary boot or as their preferred Linux distro. Elementary is rising in popularity and getting tons of cool updates that make it a robust system.

The OS does not come packaged with the necessary Broadcom drivers. You have two options to install it. Elementary Now has a full step-by-step guide [Broken Link Removed] in case you need help. Are You Doing It Right? Running Linux from USB: Did you know that can keep data persistent, or even do a full install for Linux, on a USB drive? Of all the different Puppy Linux distros, I tried Tahrpup and it worked fantastically, but feel free to check out the others. If you want to stick with our tried-and-tested option, then download Tahrpup. That said, you might want to check them out anyway.

Think of it as a Chrome OS trial. Remix OS 2. If online comments are to be believed, several people have liked what they got from running it on a Mac. Running a Mac without a Retina screen? Then good old Windows 7 might be one of the best options for you. Windows 7 is astonishingly stable on a MacBook and the installation process with Boot Camp is super smooth. Cortana borders on being intrusive, mandatory updates can cause issues, and much appears half-baked.

We present our top 7 of most glaring Windows 10 annoyances. Read More and all the online Microsoft account junk it forces upon you. No longer a matter of downloading, burning, and hoping for a compatible WiFi card, these laptops, new and old, are your best option. Read More , but there are other explanations too. For others, the gaming environment of Windows is too important, or their hardware has become too old to run OS X well.

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Dying to try something new? Here are the best Linux distros to install on a Mac.

Simply powerful.

So tell us, why are you ditching OS X, and which alternative operating system is tempting you? Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. Why am I leaving? And if you want to connect a modern Mac laptop to anything, you'll need a sack of dongles. So finding that image of the smiling girl by the Ferris wheel or the PDF with a colorful pie chart has never been faster.

With Quick Actions in the Preview pane, you can work on files right from the Finder. Rotate images, create PDFs, trim video, and more — without having to open an app or rename and save your file. You can even apply them to multiple files at once, or create a custom Quick Action based on an Automator workflow.

Metadata provides the key details of any file. Now a tap of your space bar provides more than just a quick look at a file.

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So you can mark up a PDF, rotate and crop an image, even trim audio and video. Just launch the new Screenshot utility or press Shift-Command Take a screenshot and a thumbnail of it animates to the corner of the screen. You can drag it directly into a document or click it to mark it up and share it right away — without having to save a copy.

Now you can use your iPhone to shoot or scan a nearby object or document and have it automatically appear on your Mac.

Just choose Insert a Photo from the File menu. You can take a photo of something on your desk and instantly see it in your Pages document. Or scan a receipt, and a straightened version is immediately available in the Finder as a PDF. And the same call can include both audio and video callers.

Four apps people love on iOS are ready to shine with new Mac versions. You can read curated news, follow your stocks, record a lecture, or turn down the AC, all without leaving your desktop. Get all the news that matters to you in one app. And your favorite topics, channels, and saved stories stay up to date between devices. So you can start reading something on your iPhone, then pick it up later on your Mac. The Stocks app is the best way to track the market. Quickly view prices in the customizable watchlist.

Click a stock for in-depth details and interactive charts. With the Home app, you can control your HomeKit-enabled accessories from the comfort of your Mac. Turn your lights on at home while putting the final touches on a presentation at work. Or check your baby monitor while editing a video.

You can control it all simply by asking Siri. Voice Memos for Mac makes it easier than ever to capture personal reminders, class lectures, even interviews or song ideas. And with iCloud, you can access the voice memos you record with your iPhone right on your Mac. The reimagined Mac App Store arrives with a new look and exciting new editorial content. Delve into insightful stories, browse curated collections, even watch videos — each designed to help you fine-tune your search for the perfect app.

Check out in-depth stories and videos about the apps, inspirational perspectives from the creators who use them, top charts, themed collections, and much more.

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In addition to the redesigned Categories tab, the Mac App Store now features four themed tabs: Create, Work, Play, and Develop. Each theme is supported by editor-curated content, from expert recommendations and lists to tutorials that even seasoned users will love. Experience inspirational stories about how apps impact our lives, using images, videos, and the words of the developers and artists who bring these apps to life. App preview videos give you a firsthand peek into the features, functionality, and user interface of an app. So you can see how an app works or check out gameplay before downloading it.

The same goes for data like your Messages history and Mail database. Safari automatically creates, stores, and autofills strong passwords for you.