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If you prefer the features, speed and completeness of support of a commercial software, try looking at Parallels Desktop for Mac and VMWare Fusion. It works by dynamically recompiling Mac programs including Mac OS X into x86 binary code that runs on your PC, and adding a layer that translates things like endianness. It supports MacOS 7. Supported hosts include Windows and Linux and possibly other Unix-type systems. Precompiled versions of the emulator, including the ROM image and operating system software, that runs on Windows, are available. You can easily move files between your host system and the emulated machine.

Basilisk II is open source.

E-Maculation: All About Macintosh Emulation

SoftMac is a 68k Macintosh emulator that runs under Windows. Pre-built binaries for Windows can be found here: Installation requires several steps: Step 1: Quit Qemu and reboot with command line in step 2. At the boot prompt enter "boot cd: Quit Qemu after completion.

Step 3: Installation continued. Boot with the following command line to complete the installation. To get a graphical desktop, at software selection, remove the default desktop environment and install only Xfce Installing:. Pre-installed images of Debian 6 Squeeze and 7 Wheezy both minimal and with desktop can be found here: Once the license screen appears, press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-X to open a terminal.

Follow https: Write the map after partitioning and continue with Yast.


Once Yast arrives at partitioning, select Expert partitioning, select the Hard disk and click Rescan disk. Leave hda2 as it is. Accept the partitioning and continue with formatting. Continue installing. There will be an error while the boot manager is being installed.

Ignore it, do not retry and wait for the installation to finish and the system reboots. Quit Qemu at the openbios screen and edit your command line:.

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Macsbug can be used to tell you what exactly stopped booting. The link for it is below. Mac OS 9. Via QEMU's command-line options: To build gdb-powerpc-linux on Linux, you need the normal build tools such as GCC installed.

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