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You can increase font sizes on an app by app basis. You can also make use of the built in 'Zoom' feature in OS X. This will enable you to zoom in on a portion of your screen at greatly increased magnification with a keyboard shortcut. Some people love this, but I find it slightly disorienting. You might also want to investigate whether one of the systemwide 'theming' apps will work for you. The only one I know to work currently with You can probably find more info to assist you in taking this approach over at the MacThemes Forums, but be advised that this sort of 'UI skinning' tends to be frowned on by Apple and break frequently.

It's something of a high maintenance option.

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Finally, if you're really just concerned with home-theatre type usage here, you might want to look into any of the many FrontRow replacement apps out there that offer better support for Hulu, Vimeo, Pandora et al. Apple doesn't provide the capability, but third party apps might.

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You could try TinkerTool which has a Fonts tab that lets you modify system fonts. I haven't personally used it for fonts although I do use it to change other things like Finder prefs so I can't say whether it works or not. In The maximum effective resolution is half of the native resolution though, e. Taken from here. If you want to increase the size of the menu bar font, you may want to try this. It should work on Leopard. Then try launching some applications. You should see the menu bar size change as well as the application. An unfortunate sideeffect is that everything in the webbrowser gets "shifted to the right" due to the increased size.

I could have sworn there used to be a preference to do this before, but I can't find it - perhaps a more able SuperUser-ee will know where it went. There are a couple of things you can do, though:. Here are some steps I've found useful for this issue:. Set your resolution to p.

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You really shouldn't need full p for anything other than watching BluRays, and that's better done on a dedicated player. Most internet streamed "HD" content is actually p, not If you are doing some sort of high end video editing or something, this may not be the best option for you, but for most, p is great. Changing the icon and font size in the folder view options, then setting as default will solve part of the issue.

Open any folder in Finder, right click ctrl-click on the background of the folder and select "Show View Options. Set to your comfort level and click "Set as Default" at the bottom. Any finder window for which you have not already set these preferences will now open with these settings. Next, change the font sizes in your browsers that will solve nearly all of the rest of your issue right there. Chrome also has a VERY useful default zoom setting for web content, but it's hidden in the advanced settings.

Obviously, you should also seek out similar settings for any other software you use on a regular basis. If that still isn't solving the issue to your satisfaction, there is a free application called TinkerTool that has a Font section. It will allow you to set the system fonts for just about anything.

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I don't know yet how well that works in Mavericks, so I can't guarantee it will do anything. With my resolution at p, my folder-view defaults and browsers set, I haven't had much issue. This window has settings for icon sizes and font sizes. The largest font size is The larger the icon the larger the fonts. When done, click the Use as Defaults button. Another hint: The number 12 works great for me. Page content loaded. Mar 31, 4: There is no system font size adjustment per say, But you can change the "resolution" of the screen to make everything on the screen bigger.

You now have a list of availble screen resolutions for your display, and can select a "lower" resolution down the list to enlarge your screen images. Mar 31, 6: Thanks for your help and it does indeed make screen images larger, which will help me when it is really difficult to read something, although you really do notice the loss in definition.

And I have found with the magic trackpad that I can zoom in and out by pinching with finger and thumb. But why no font adjustment I wonder? It seems a bit strange for something that is supposed to be so "state of the art" What about us short-sighted folk!

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  8. I must say it has taken the gilt off the gingerbread for this new Mac owner. Thanks again! Apr 1, 1: Thank you Baby Boomer - being a Mac newbie I am still finding my feet. Your suggestion worked fine except I couldn't find the Use as Defaults Button - doh! I will get there in the end - enjoying the learning experience. Apr 1, Apr 2, 1: Hi - yes well I can see where it should be from your picture - I don't think I would have missed it!

    I guess my system has been set up not to show it - I am trying to find out how to find activate it. Apr 2, 9: You should be seeing the Use As Default button. The only Show View Options window that does not have it is the desktop. So make sure you are not selecting that. Post a screen shot of a view option window showing you do not have the default button by clicking the cam icon in your reply window.

    Apr 3, 1: Yesterday when looking at a tutorial I found that Finder should open with the Home icon the house but mine was opening with All My Files and the house icon was not showing at all in the pane. This is not rocket science. Do you really want me to go back to Microsoft?? Thanks, never got round to finding how to make the font larger just accepted the original setup…..

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    I agree with Chris. Mac has become tyrannical and deaf to the needs of its users. It leads to the loss of much loved features when it forces newer OIS upgrades. The tiny, fixed font size is a good example. I wish I could either have stayed with my old OIS or had a choice of font size and screensaver options. I think Apple wants to force us to move to is smaller devices and anorexic laptops which cannot be opened.

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    I just bought the Macbook Air. Switched from Windows. I have to use reading glasses to read the text, and push my nose almost on the screen to comfortably read the text. I realize the whole deal is new to anyone switching, but for crying out loud this is I was just asked by my 72 year old ex to increase only the font size on his iMAC, which I encouraged him to buy for the Retina display. Now, three hours later, I am reading this thread and shocked that Apple has not offered an option to change font size system wide without sacrificing the Retina display benefits.

    What a thoughtless bunch they must be. Apple, consult those with disabilities to fine tune your system rather than discriminating against them. Maybe if a few million people complain they will do something about it. It is pretty simple.

    None of the sreen shots in this article match what I see on my mac: I ran an OS update recently. Now I need to where glasses when using this thing. Apparently I have a Non-Retina Mac. I switched to Mac about a year ago. Never been happier, except for this issue. I have some major eye problems, and all I need to do is increase the damn font size. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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