Delete mac user and all data

This will show the current user signed in which should be the admin , which you cannot delete, and all the other users and guests that have logged into this Mac. Select the user profile that you want to delete here. You will see data on this particular profile now, but what you are really looking for is the plus and minus signs at the bottom of the user list section, next to the settings gear icon. Select the minus sign to get rid of a profile.

Now you will have several options to deal with the unique data on this user account. First, you can choose to Save the home folder in a disk image , which will create a new space that pops up in a Deleted Users subsection of the Users folder.

Create and delete users in macOS

This is handy if you frequently delete profiles but want to keep their general data at a workplace, for example. This will keep all the data under the user name in the Users folder, relatively unchanged.

Create a new user

This option may be useful because it allows you to restore the user profile at a future date if necessary. Third, you can choose to Delete the home folder. As expected, this gets rid of all the data and helps you clear some storage space —handy if this is your primary goal.

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Once the data is taken care of, chose Delete User to finish up the process and remove the profile. Confirm your choice, and users the rest should happen automatically.

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Guests on a Mac can access features and data, but only via a shared link. Typically these shared profiles are added to give specific people remote access to the Mac and its files as needed for a project. This may be another desirable option if you want to keep data but switch a user around to someone else with minimal fuss. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Everything you need to know.

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Don't Miss. The Keychron K1 is just the latest attempt to join that hallowed group, but does its blend of style and substance tick all the boxes? Posted 6 days ago — By Jon Martindale. Computing A new Mac Pro is supposedly coming in , but what will it be like? After you see the logon screen, click the new account name and enter the password you just created. Again, select System Preferences from the Apple menu and click the Accounts icon.

How to delete a user on a Mac

Click the Lock icon. On your new computer, triple-check that all the files for all accounts on the old machine have been transferred. Confirm that you really want to erase everything, with no extra copy. Just an FYI: After you sign out of iCloud, your iCloud data remains in iCloud and on any other devices you've signed into with your Apple ID. Select your iMessage account, then click Sign Out.

This optional step prevents accidental input on the Mac if the computer and the Bluetooth devices have separate owners but remain within Bluetooth range of one another. When the dialog asks if you're sure, click Remove.

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After macOS installation is complete, the Mac restarts to a Welcome screen and asks you to choose a country or region. If you want to leave the Mac in an out-of-box state, don't continue with the setup of your system. Instead, press Command-Q to shut down the Mac. When the new owner turns on the Mac, setup assistant will guide them through the setup process. No matter the model or condition, we can turn your device into something good for you and good for the planet.