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To control the playback you can use keyboard media keys, headphone buttons and Apple Remote. If you want to get advanced features you should activate Vox Premium version. It offers remote control, music streaming, interface skins. There is no doubt you will enjoy this fun music player for Mac. VLC supports most audio file types and can stream content. It allows you to create playlists and play not only music on Mac but videos as well. It is packed with lots of features but its functionality is neither complex nor hard to understand.

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The app aims to become all-in-one tool to cover different online audio services. Tomahawk users can sign up and enjoy music available on Spotify, YouTube, Jamendo, Google Play Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and many others benefitting from big audio collections from a single source. This app also integrates with such free resources as Soundcloud, Soundhound, iTunes, Owncloud, etc.

Among its benefits you can point out the social part that the app creators try to push up: Clementine offers you a big set of features. It allows managing music in different ways: This free music player for Mac gives you the opportunity to access different radio resources like Spotify, Grooveshark, SomaFM, Magnatune, etc.

The app easily plays music on Mac, so you can listen to your favorite audio CDs without problems.

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Song lyrics, artist biographies, photos, podcasts, etc. The only feature that may disappoint you is its poor design and look which are not going to be replaced soon. Discover the best music player for Mac. Top choice. Elmedia 4.

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Get free website version. Olga Weis 3 Sept at Elmedia Music Player. Elmedia Player. OS X Version 7.

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Stay undetected on the web 5K Music Player allows you to save videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other video sharing resources to your computer. Vox Music Player This one is a very simple Mac audio player for all music formats with a friendly and clean interface. Clementine Clementine offers you a big set of features.

BS2B Dramatically improve stereo audio record quality and avoid headphone superstereo fatigue.

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Gapless VOX Premium makes queued tracks sound without gaps between them. Bass Audio Engine Exclusive audio engine delivers exceptional sound quality, even on regular headphones. Assume Full Control with a Wide Range of Preferences Recognizing the needs of true music loves, VOX Premium comes equipped with a comprehensive range of control settings and preferences.

Integrated Unlimited Music Cloud. VOX Music Cloud is an unlimited online storage where you can store and manage your music collection including your iTunes library.

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You can access it from your Mac and iPhone anytime you want, and you can be sure that your music doesn't undergo any compression or conversion. You listen to the original quality of your audio files, regardless of their formats. All your music.